Survey in Leamington shows overwhelming support for People’s Vote on Brexit terms

On Saturday 19th May 2018 members of WarwickDistrict4Europe carried out a survey of members of the public in Leamington Spa. The results showed an overwhelming majority in favour of a People’s Vote on the outcome of the Brexit negotiations.

Members of the public were asked one simple question. “Do you want a People’s Vote on the final Brexit deal?”   219 votes were cast in total, with 80% (178 people) saying they were in favour of a People’s Vote, just over 17% (35 people) saying they were against and 2% (5 people) saying they didn’t know.

Currently only MPs will have a say on the final deal.  The People’s Vote campaign says that the public should be able to decide if the outcome is acceptable and the results of the survey showed very strong support for this proposition. This is a decision that will affect our lives for generations after all.

There will be a march to call for a People’s Vote in London on 23 June 2018. This is being supported by organisations including Open Britain, The European Movement UK, Britain for Europe, Our Future Our Choice, For our Future’s Sake, Healthier In, Scientists for EU, Trade Deal Watch, Wales for Europe, In Facts and others. Coaches will be travelling to London from all over the country, including coaches from Warwickshire, which will be picking up supporters in Stratford, Snitterfield and at Warwick Parkway.  Tickets can be booked via the following link:







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