150 attend vigil in Leamington to mark UK leaving the EU

150 supporters of Warwick District 4 Europe gathered in Leamington on the evening of Friday 31 January to mark the UK leaving the EU. People of all ages and many different nationalities stood together on the steps of the Town Hall at 8pm holding candles, placards and EU flags. They sang Ode to Joy and Auld Lang Syne, and held a two minute silence.

Matt Western, MP for Warwick and Leamington was among those who attended and also spoke at the vigil. Afterwards he said, “While some in the constituency celebrated us leaving the European Union, for others like myself it was a time of sadness and regret. It was a pleasure to address the crowd gathered outside the Town Hall – these remain voices need to be heard going forward to help shape what our future relationship with the EU looks like”.

Kenilworth Councillor Richard Dickson also spoke to those gathered, thanking the group for their work, offering words of comfort to local EU citizens and outlining a message of hope for the future.

Peter Corkill, Chair of Warwick District 4 Europe said, “When we decided to hold the vigil we had no idea how many people would come. We wanted to provide a focus for pro-Europeans to come together and know they are not alone in regretting the UK’s departure from the EU. To see so many people there was fantastic. It was a very moving occasion. Warwick District 4 Europe will continue to push for the closest possible relationship with our European friends and neighbours. The version of Brexit being put forward by the Government is not one that was promised by the Leave campaign during the referendum and will be damaging to our economy and local jobs”.

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