1. WarwickDistrict4Europe is an independent, cross-party, grass-roots organisation campaigning for Britain to play a leading role within a strong and united European Union.

2. WarwickDistrict4Europe’s campaign will seek to:

(a) make the positive case for Europe and Britain’s membership of the European Union through the use of truthful, balanced and honest argument;

(b) uphold and promote the long established, shared values of diversity, tolerance and fairness as well as defend the principles of social justice, the rule of law and respect for human rights including the rights of persons belonging to minorities;

(c) argue the case for Britain’s democratically elected Parliament to be sovereign in making any decisions concerning the place of Britain in the world and our country’s future.

3. WarwickDistrict4Europe will predominantly be a local campaign within the Warwick District but within its resources will seek to work collaboratively with other like-minded groups and individuals as well as support similar campaigns at regional and national levels.

4. WarwickDistrict4Europe will not affiliate to, or promote, any political party.

5. WarwickDistrict4Europe will seek to grow its membership base in order to give greater weight and authority to its campaigning and in doing so will welcome all members who support its aims.

6. In recognising the wide ranging nature of its membership, WarwickDistrict4Europe adopts as an underlying principle in achieving its aims that, ‘more unites us than divides us’.

With thanks to the Stratford4Europe Steering Group.