#NotLeavingQuietly – West Midlands 4 Europe trip to Brussels

At the beginning of October members of Warwick District 4 Europe joined other campaigners from across the West Midlands and spent three days in Brussels to see first hand the European Parliament in action, and raise awareness in the EU institutions that the pro-Remain movement is strong in our region.

The theme of the trip was #NotLeavingQuietly (or rather #NotLeavingAtAll)

The highlight was a rally aimed at gaining attention from the international press and it certainly succeeded – the coverage has since been spotted in The Guardian, The Washington Post, the Dutch press, the New European and on German television (see five minutes in).  

The group attended a concert hosted by Ellie Chowns MEP. They spoke extensively with a number of other British pro-Remain MEPs and attended a plenary session of the European Parliament. Our links with other local groups have been further strengthened and we will continue to work closely with each other.

Two videos from the trip can be found here and here.

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