Street survey in Kenilworth reinforces the call for a People’s Vote

Members of Warwick District for Europe held a street stall in Kenilworth on Saturday 9th June 2018 and the results of the survey they carried out once again showed an overwhelming majority are in favour of a People’s Vote on the outcome of the Brexit negotiations.

Members of the public were asked one simple question. “Do you want a People’s Vote on the final Brexit deal?”   195 votes were cast in total, with 85% (166 people) saying they were in favour of a People’s Vote and 15% (29 people) saying they were against.

This mirrored the results of a previous street stall in Leamington, at which 80% of people said they were in favour of the People rather than Parliament having the final say on the Brexit deal. Other locals groups have recently surveyed members of the public in Stratford upon Avon, Redditch and Banbury and had almost identical results.

Currently only MPs will have a say on the final deal.  The People’s Vote campaign says that the public should be able to decide if the outcome is acceptable and the results of this survey show overwhelming support for this proposition.

The People’s Vote campaign seeks to ensure that the Government’s Brexit deal is put before the country in a public vote so that they can decide if a decision that will affect our lives for generations makes the country better or worse off.

More information on the People’s Vote campaign can be found at


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