Open Letter to Chris White MP: “EU Citizens Here Deserve Rights”

In a follow up letter to Chris White MP for Warwick and Leamington, Steven P Brown urged our parliamentary representative to support EU citizens living and working in his constituency. No response received to this letter, signed by an additional 106 signatories.

Leamington & Warwick, 7th March 2017

In our open letter to you that was published in the Courier newspaper on 10th February, we wrote that we are not aware of you challenging publicly the policy of the Prime Minister to use non-UK EU nationals living in the UK, and most notably those in your constituency, as bargaining chips. We were disappointed that you voted against guaranteeing residency rights to EU citizens in the House of Commons last month. We continue to be unaware of a public statement from you as to the valuable contribution of non-UK EU nationals to your constituency, be it economically, academically, culturally or socially – notably, in the NHS, non-UK EU nationals make a critically important contribution.

The amendment passed by the House of Lords on March 1st to the European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Bill states that “citizens of another European Union or European Economic Area country and their family members, who are legally resident in the United Kingdom on the day on which this Act is passed, continue to be treated in the same way with regards to their EU derived-rights”. Before voting in the House of Commons when the Bill returns there shortly on this amendment, we exhort you to consider the following.

A large consortium of groups representing UK citizens living in other EU countries joined together on February 20th to issue a statement urging the UK government to take the first step of guaranteeing the rights of EU citizens living in the UK:

Please recognise that it is a mistake to use EU citizens living in the UK as bargaining chips. We are convinced that the best way of ensuring the rights of the UK citizens living in the EU is for the UK government to make the positive first step. It is a mistake to continue with the adversarial tactic that is only likely to the lead to a hardening of positions.

This letter is signed by residents of your constituency, both UK nationals and residents of other EU countries. Your constituents voted by a large majority to remain in the EU and there is widespread dismay about the Government’s attitude on this issue.

Open Letter to Chris White MP published in the Leamington Courier February 10th, 2017

C. Achinger, Leamington
L. Adam, Leamington
D. Armstrong, Leamington
R. Atkinson, Leamington
R. Avloniti, Leamington
Y. Bashirova, Leamington
R. Beanland, Warwick
L. Blaxter, Leamington
S. Boad, Leamington
S. P. Brown, Leamington
K. Browne, Leamington
V. Canty, Leamington
I. M. Conway-Morrison, Leamington
J. Conway-Morrison, Leamington
J Cooper, Warwick
A. Corbett, Leamington
E. Crofton, Leamington
S. Brook, Leamington
G. Cullinan, Leamington
S. Darling, Leamington
B. Davis, Leamington
M. Doyen, Leamington
A. Dumbleton-Thomas, Warwick
D. Edwards, Leamington
E. Emerson, Leamington
E. Evans, Leamington
L. Frigerio, Leamington
E. Gaskin, Leamington
B. Gifford, Leamington
R. Goodwin, Leamington
R. Grenville, Leamington
L. Guyver, Leamington
M. Hadley, Leamington
D. Hardiman, Leamington
S. Henderson, Leamington
L. Henry, Leamington
F. Hoch, Leamington
C. Hodgetts, Leamington
J. Hodgetts, Leamington
M. Hooper, Warwick
A. Howes, Warwick
L. Howes, Warwick
T. Hudson, Leamington
G. Hundt, Leamington
C. Jacques, Leamington
I. Jacques, Warwick
O. Jacques, Leamington
A. James, Leamington
M. James, Leamington
P. Jenkins, Leamington
J. Kelly, Leamington
A. Klaus, Leamington
K. Lambert, Warwick
P. Lavery, Leamington
J. E. Lewis, Leamington
F. MacCullum, Leamington
I. MacKinnon, Bishop’s Tachbrook
T. MacKinnon, Bishop’s Tachbrook
A. Marshall, Leamington
H. McCabe, Leamington
C. McGuiness, Leamington
D. McWilliams. Leamington
D. M. Moore, Leamington
P. Morales-Gonzalez, Leamington
E. Mort, Warwick
F. Murtagh, Leamington
S. Nestler-Parr, Leamington
T. Nichols, Leamington
U. Nichols, Leamington
J. Norris, Leamington
R. Oelman, Leamington
H. Ovenden, Leamington
D. Parr, Leamington
D. Payne, Leamington
M. Perry, Leamington
J. Pickering, Leamington
O. Pinel, Leamington
A. Podlesnyi, Leamington
A. Pollert, Leamington
K. Quinn, Leamington
C. Rizzetto, Leamington
F. Rock, Leamington
N. Roemer, Warwick
R. Roemer, Warwick
Y. A. Roemer, Warwick
T. Rolls, Leamington
D. Roper, Leamington
D. Ryan, Warwick
A. Sanchez, Warwick
F. Santos, Leamington
H. Schaefer, Leamington
D. Schaefer-Mangels, Leamington
S. Seabrook, Leamington
M. Sheldon, Leamington
O. Shipper, Leamington
D. Smith, Leamington
M. Snee, Leamington
C. Soegaard, Leamington
C. Terry, Leamington
R. Terry, Leamington
C. Thorley, Leamington
P.-E. Tremblay, Leamington
E. Tristram, Warwick
G. Tristram, Warwick
B. Vidos, Leamington
M. Wagner, Leamington
B. Wesson, Leamington
S. Wicks, Leamington
H. Wreford-Bush, Leamington
J. Wreford-Bush, Leamington
M. Zimmermann, Leamington

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