A.C. Grayling speaks to Warwick District 4 Europe on “Fighting Brexit: The Next Steps”

We must remain in the European Union or the impact on business, health, housing and education will be disastrous and the young people of the UK will suffer as a result of Brexit.  This was the message from A.C. Grayling to a packed audience in Leamington Spa on June 26th.

Two hundred members of the public and supporters of Warwick District 4 Europe gathered to hear philosopher Professor A.C. Grayling give a rousing talk entitled Fighting Brexit: The Next Steps, in which he attacked the “unicorn shaped” ideologies of Brexiteers and the wrecking effect on the country of leaving the E.U.

Professor Grayling said:

“Brexit is already having a wrecking effect on the economy, not least in Warwick District with its dependence on the automotive sector.  The recent announcement by BMW would have an enormous effect on the local supply chain, on jobs and people’s livelihoods.  As pressures from business increase, the demand to reverse Brexit will become irresistible and I am certain we will remain in the E.U.”.

Peter Corkill, the Chair of Warwick District 4 Europe, said: “With 200 people coming to hear A.C. Grayling, it shows that there is a groundswell of people in Warwick District who want to reverse the Brexit decision.”

“We have had street polls in Leamington and Kenilworth which have consistently shown at least 80% in favour of a People’s Vote on the final Brexit deal.  We will be out campaigning all summer to make sure the people get their democratic right to have their voice heard on Brexit.”

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