The People’s March for Europe

The People’s March for Europe

London, Saturday 9th September 2017 @ 11 am

The tide is turning. If you are one of the growing majority rejecting the UK’s current path out of the EU, you are not powerless and it is not too late.

The British public is increasingly concerned about Brexit; poll after poll shows a bigger majority for staying in the EU. As the reality of our exit from the EU becomes clear, we hear frustrations from those who voted and campaigned to leave, but now believe that the country is headed for disaster. But the Government is not listening. It is up to us to make them hear.

The European Union has offered the UK an olive branch, a way to stop all this, a way out of this madness. Taking no-Brexit is officially on the table, offered by the EU. This is the option our Government must take to protect our future and that of generations to come.

The People’s March for Europe is organised by crowdfunding; find out more about the march on their website.

Stratford4Europe is organising a coach to join The People’s March for Europe in London; see here for more details and on how to take part. Note the coach collection point at Warwick Parkway at 8.20 am.

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