Represent The Remain Vote

Open Letter to Chris White MP published in Leamington Courier from Steven P Brown with 225 additional signatories. No response received from their parliamentary representative.

Leamington & Warwick, 8th February 2017

In last June’s European Union referendum, Warwick District voted 58.8% remain on a 79.2% turnout; this is a much bigger majority than the narrow overall 51.9% leave vote on the smaller 72.2% turnout in the national vote. The current Prime Minister has not won a General Election; this is allowed constitutionally since, in our electoral system, we elect an MP who represents those living in his constituency.

We note the statement by Chris White MP published in the Courier on 3rd February about his vote in the House of Commons on 1st February for the Article 50 bill. The referendum, however, does not give a mandate for the destructive hard Brexit policies of the Prime Minister and her government.

Specifically, in the absence of any specific public statement, we are left to assume that our MP is simply following the party line and is not speaking out against the Prime Minister’s plan to take the UK out of the Single Market. This disregards the importance of Single Market membership for the continued success of the local and regional economy that Chris White MP highlighted in his 17th June 2016, pre-Brexit vote, statement. Why is he not emphasising that many Vote Leave campaigners claimed during the campaign that the country would be able to have its cake and eat it, by leaving the European Union yet staying in the Single Market, in contradiction to the Prime Minister’s recent statement.

We are further not aware of Chris White MP challenging publicly the policy of the Prime Minister to use non-UK EU nationals living in the UK, and most notably those in his constituency, as bargaining chips. We have not read publicly a statement from him as to the valuable contribution of non-UK EU nationals to his constituency, be it economically, academically, culturally or socially.

Chris White MP has a record of challenging the Government on ethical issues, for example, relating to the arms trade. In the knowledge that our MP campaigned for remain, we call on him to represent the convincing Remain vote in Warwick District.

A. Achinger, Leamington
A. Adams, Leamington
L. Adam, Leamington
U. Adams, Leamington
R. Akkermans, Warwick
M. S. Allen, Leamington
A. Alvarez, Leamington
D. Armstrong, Leamington
L.-J. Armstrong, Leamington
M. Astell, Leamington
R. Atkinson, Leamington
I. Attwood, Leamington
M. Attwood, Leamington
P. Aujla, Leamington
R. Bains, Leamington
S. Bains, Leamington
M. Barker, Leamington
K. Baxter, Warwick
R. Baxter, Leamington
R. Beanland, Warwick
V. Behm, Leamington
L. Blaxter, Leamington
S. Boad, Leamington
M. Brearley, Leamington
M. Brenda, Leamington
K. Brooks, Leamington
S. P. Brown, Leamington
D. Browne, Warwick
K. Browne, Leamington
A. Burns, Warwick
P. Bush, Leamington
L. Bybordi, Leamington
M. Carman, Leamington
I. Chaundy, Leamington
T. Cherise, Leamington
R. Clarke, Warwick
I. M. Conway-Morrison, Leamington
J. Conway-Morrison, Leamington
J Cooper, Warwick
N. Cooper, Barford
A. Corbett, Leamington
C. Cox, Leamington
D. Cox, Warwick
E. Crofton, Leamington
G. Cullinan, Leamington
S. Dainty, Leamington
S. Davies, Leamington
Sally E. Davies, Leamington
S. Davison, Leamington
J. D’Arcy, Warwick
K. Deeth, Leamington
K. Devereux, Leamington
M. Dixon, Leamington
S. Downey, Leamington
M. Doyen, Leamington
R. Dupree, Leamington
J. Durrant, Leamington
D. Edwards, Leamington
A. Eguidazu, Leamington
J. Fairclough, Leamington R. Fine, Leamington
L. Forbes, Leamington
S. Frankland, Leamington
M. Fraser, Leamington
B. Gaensicke, Leamington
B. Gifford, Leamington
C. Gifford, Leamington
R. Goodwin, Leamington
A. Gough, Warwick
L. Graham, Leamington
A. Green, Warwick
S. Griffiths, Leamington
R. Groeninx, Leamington
A. Guillamon, Leamington
L. Guillamon, Leamington
N. Guillamon, Leamington
V. Guillamon, Leamington
L. Guyver, Leamington
M. Hadley, Leamington
D. Hall, Warwick
P. Halpin, Leamington
L. Hapgood, Leamington
D. Hardiman, Leamington
B. Healy, Leamington
S. Henderson, Leamington
F. Hoch, Leamington
S(arah). Holland, Hatton Park
S(teve). Holland, Hatton Park
H. Hooper, Warwick
M. Hooper, Warwick
R. Hooper, Warwick
K. Howell, Leamington
A. Howes, Warwick
L. Howes, Warwick
P. Hubbard, Leamington
T. Hudson, Leamington
G. Hundt, Leamington
L. Jackson, Leamington
S. Jackson, Leamington
O. Jacques, Leamington
A. James, Leamington
T. Joyce, Leamington
J. Kelly, Leamington
J. Kewley, Leamington
T. Kewley, Leamington
A. Klaus, Leamington
J. Knight, Leamington
E. Lafford, Leamington
K. Lambert, Warwick
A. Leigh, Leamington
R. Lockyer, Leamington
J. Loeffler, Leamington
K. Loeffler, Leamington
E. Lowndes, Leamington
A. Luck, Leamington
F. MacCullum, Leamington
I. MacKinnon, Bishop’s Tachbrook
T. MacKinnon, Bishop’s Tachbrook
P. Major, Leamington
T. Malebye, Leamington
A. Marshall, Leamington
E. Mason, Leamington
D. Martinez-Normand, Leamington
A. Maude, Leamington
H. McCabe, Leamington
C. McGuiness, Leamington
D. McWilliams. Leamington
C. Mellard, Leamington
A. Millward-Boyton, Leamington
M. Millward, Leamington
R. Millward-Boyton, Leamington
E. Mitsos, Leamington
D. M. Moore, Leamington
P. Morales-Gonzalez, Leamington
J. Morgan, Leamington
E. Mort, Leamington
S. Moss, Leamington
P. Murphy, Warwick
G. Neault, Leamington
S. Nestler-Parr, Leamington
T. Nichols, Leamington
U. Nichols, Leamington
L. Noel-Storr, Leamington
J. Norris, Leamington
R. Oelman, Leamington
H. Ovenden, Leamington
L. Ovenden, Leamington
P. O’Neill, Leamington
A. Pandey, Leamington
D. Parr, Leamington
F. M. Parrott, Leamington
M. Parry, Leamington
M. Perry, Leamington
H. Perryman, Warwick
D. Pittarello, Warwick
N. Pittarello, Warwick
A. Pollert, Leamington
J. Pollert-Smith, Leamington
S. Pollert-Smith, Leamington
D. Princova, Leamington
B. Quantrill, Leamington
K. Quantrill, Leamington
L. Quantrill, Leamington
F. Rock, Leamington
N. Roemer, Warwick
R. Roemer, Warwick
Y. A. Roemer, Warwick
T. Rolls, Leamington
D. Roper, Leamington
D. Ryan, Warwick
C. Saint, Leamington
A. Sanborn, Leamington
A. Sanchez, Warwick
S. Sandher, Leamington
H. Sanneh, Leamington
H. Schaefer, Leamington
D. Schaefer-Mangels, Leamington
R. Scragg, Leamington
J. Shepherd, Leamington
L. Shortt, Leamington
D. Sinclair, Leamington
J. Skinner, Leamington
A(nnalisa) Smith
A(ndrew) Smith, Leamington
D. Smith, Leamington
J. Smith, Leamington
J(ane) R. Smith, Leamington
J(ohn) Smith, Leamington
K. Smith, Leamington
M. Smith, Leamington
M. Snee, Leamington
C. Soegaard, Leamington
C. Spurway, Leamington
B. Stevens, Leamington
K. Stocken, Leamington
J. Sullivan, Warwick
R. Talbot, Warwick
N. K. Y. Tang, Leamington
J. Tarney, Leamington
D. Taulbut, Leamington
R. Terry, Leamington
D. Thakurta, Leamington
J. Thakurta, Leamington
P.-E. Tremblay, Leamington
C. Turner, Leamington
E. Twitchett, Warwick
H. Ungless, Leamington
K. Ungless, Leamington
M. Van Rooyen, Leamington
S. Wade, Warwick
S. Warrington, Leamington
K. Watts, Leamington
B. Wesson, Leamington
R. Wesson, Leamington
T. Whales, Leamington
D. Whitehead, Leamington
R. Whitehead, Leamington
M. Wisniewski, Leamington
S. Wisniewski, Leamington
J. Wreford-Bush, Leamington
E. Yerushalmi, Leamington
M. Zimmermann, Leamington