Tactical Voting – vital to ensure it is not game over

General Election 2019

This election is all about Brexit whether we like it or not. Our First Past the Post electoral system means winner takes all, sometimes by just a handful of votes. If we elect a Conservative majority government we will almost certainly be leaving the EU in a matter of weeks. We can prevent that though!

If you want Brexit – you vote Conservative (or Brexit Party, who are deliberately not standing in Conservative seats). This concentrates the vote. Result? Brexit.

If you want Remain – you can vote for one of several parties. This splits the vote. Result? Brexit.

If all anti-Brexit votes are cast for the one candidate who has been identified as the best placed to defeat the Conservative or Brexit Party, this concentrates the vote and increases the chances of a win for that candidate.

Result? A People’s Vote and NO BREXIT!

IMPORTANT – There is only one tactical vote recommendation for each constituency! See below…

Q. What is tactical voting?

Tactical voting is when someone votes for a candidate they wouldn’t normally support in order to stop someone else winning.

Q. I feel uncomfortable voting for a party other than the one I belong to/prefer.

We understand that loyalty to a party often runs deep and in a ‘normal’ election you should, of course, vote with your conscience. But this is not a ‘normal’ election. If a Conservative/Brexit government is returned with a majority, we will almost certainly be leaving the EU and under the worst possible terms. The only way to stop this is to vote tactically and to vote in numbers. We are asking all our supporters to set aside their party loyalty where necessary and vote to ensure we get a People’s Vote and a chance to stop Brexit. The MP in your constituency can be voted out in five years’ time (or less!). Brexit is a lifetime decision.

Q. Why is Warwick District 4 Europe advocating Tactical Voting?

In this election, we are campaigning to ensure we return as many pro-Remain, pro-People’s Vote MPs as possible and this means we must ensure the Conservative or Brexit Party candidate does not win. This means we will have to vote tactically.

Some of us will be lucky enough to be able to vote to help stop Brexit by voting for our preferred candidate.

Unfortunately, a combination of the First Past the Post system and tribal voting means that some of us will need to ‘lend’ our vote to the candidate most likely to beat the Conservative or Brexit Party candidate.

For example, if it is neck and neck between a Conservative and a PV/Remain-supporting party in your constituency and you normally vote for a different PV/Remain-supporting party, you could ‘lend’ your vote to the tactical vote candidate to increase their chances of defeating the Conservative.

We are urging you to vote for the best-placed candidate to defeat the Brexiteer candidate(s).

Q. Is Warwick District 4 Europe selecting the candidates?

No, we are supporting the recommendations provided by People’s Vote and the two other main tactical voting websites. These are as follows:

At present their recommendations are as follows:

Warwick and Leamington: Unanimously recommend Matt Western (Labour).

Kenilworth and Southam: People’s Vote and Best for Britain back Richard Dickson (Liberal Democrats). Remain United has not made a recommendation because it is a safe Conservative seat.  It does predict that Richard Dickson is the candidate who is best placed to challenge Jeremy Wright, the Conservative candidate.

Please note that these recommendations MAY be subject to change if circumstances alter.  It is important that you check the three tactical voting websites shortly before you mail your postal vote or on 11th December if casting your vote in person

Q. How do I find out who to vote for?

Visit these websites:

Remember to check back to see if their recommendations have changed

Q. Will it matter if I do not vote tactically?

Yes.  In many constituencies, including Warwick and Leamington, tactical voting is absolutely critical. These are constituencies where votes for Remain-supporting candidates other than the tactical choice will result in splitting the Remain vote, allowing the Conservative to win. It would be particularly distressing to see a Conservative or Brexit Party win for this reason. If all or most of the votes go instead to the tactical vote candidate, then he/she could win.

Q. What outcome is likely if enough people vote tactically?

It is impossible to say as there are so many variables, including turnout. However, if enough people take part, we would see a hung Parliament as the most likely outcome, which would be good news when it comes to stopping Brexit.

Q. There seems little chance of a Remain win in my constituency. What should I do?

Vote with your conscience if there is no tactical recommendation. Vote tactically if there is a recommendation.

Q. I don’t trust the Lib Dems. I dislike Corbyn. What should I do?

Does it really matter when the alternative is a Conservative majority government and Brexit within weeks? Not really; you will be able to vote them out again in 5 years’ time, or most likely much sooner.

Q. I want to vote for Corbyn and a Labour government. I want a Lib Dem government.

Remember you are not voting for Corbyn, or Swinson, you are voting for YOUR MP in YOUR constituency. Your vote is only relevant to your constituency.

Q. Why don’t all constituencies have the same party as their tactical vote option?

Because the tactical voting recommendation is calculated on a constituency by constituency basis, and does not favour one party over another, or one policy over another. It is based purely on which remain/PV supporting candidate is most likely to beat the Conservative candidate in that constituency.

Q. Why is there just one tactical voting recommendation for each constituency?

Because that is how tactical voting works. It works by concentrating votes and by avoiding vote splitting.

Q. I favour revoking Article 50 over a People’s Vote.

You may well do, but it is not in your power to decide that. If you do not vote tactically you will enable a Conservative government and certain Brexit. It is ultimately up to Parliament to decide on how to deal with Brexit, and that is why the makeup of the new Parliament is so important.

Q. If all remain voters voted Lib Dem, we would have a Lib Dem government.

You will never get all remain voters to vote for one party. Not all remain voters are as ideologically wedded to our cause as we are (or leave voters to their cause, for that matter), and other issues are more important to them. That does not mean they wouldn’t vote remain again in a People’s Vote.

Up and down the country, people are agreeing to vote tactically. We need to pull together on this, or the future looks bleak for us all.